Diversity Affairs

Ogden Diversity Strategy

Created September 13, 2016


Since Ogden became a city in 1851, new arrivals and established residents have lived together in a rich spectrum of cultures, religions and ethnicities. Many choose Ogden because of our diversity, with common values often uniting us. In this Charter, we affirm these values and envision an Ogden where everyone experiences belonging, fairness, fundamental freedoms, and human rights. Through this effort we hope to increase civic engagement and economic mobility among our residents, which will foster cultural and economic vibrancy. We are signing this Charter to crystallize ideas expressed in a series of shared conversations and to focus our hearts and energy on a strategy to improve our community while acknowledging past shortcomings in meeting the needs of all Ogden residents. In signing this document, community elders, current leaders and hopeful young people wil lcommit to come together as many times as it takes, especially if setbacks occur. In this endeavor, we intend a living framework to help us build an ever more inclusive, engaged community where each new generation builds on lessons from our past.


Our mission is to establish a collaborative connection between the City of Ogden, individuals, institutions, and organizations working toward meeting the needs of our diverse communities, Ogden-Weber Tech College (the Tech College), Weber State University (WSU), Ogden and Weber School Districts, and private and charter schools. A collaborative strategic plan will be used to identify and resolve issues, promote equity, cultivate positive cultural awareness, promote cultural traditions, and enhance the well-being and quality-of-life of those living in or visiting Ogden, Utah.


We envision an Ogden that is inclusive and welcoming-thriving on the trust, equity, and inter-dependency of our diverse communities.


The following core values are the foundation for our work together:

  • Dignity
  • Equity
  • Inclusion
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Diversity


We will work together in striving to meet the following goals:

  • Serve as a conduit between the Mayor, City Council, our diverse communities, the Tech College, WSU, Ogden and Weber School Districts, and private and charter schools, to identify challenges and leverage opportunities to better support all people.
  • Promote an environment that enhances respect, dignity, and equity of all people and celebrates our diverse communities.
  • Establish a collaborative partnership where the needs and concerns of our diverse communities are identified, addressed, and resolved.
  • Support the collaboration of programs and services that are sustainable and enhance the quality-of-life and well-being of all people.
  • Welcome, value, and utilize the talents, skills, entrepreneurial spirit, intellect, and dedication of our diverse communities to serve on boards, councils and commissions.
  • Recognize the importance of cultivating opportunities for equitable hiring, retention, and promotion of a diverse workforce at all levels of employment.
  • Diversify the workforce to better reflect our diverse communities.
  • Ensure equitable access to services, resources, and programs for all people through clearly defined processes.
  • Ensure transparency of our work by providing quarterly updates and publishing annual reports for public review.
  • Value equally the voices of our diverse communities and ensure pathways for people whose voices are not traditionally heard.
  • Ensure effective and appropriate communication between partners and our diverse communities.
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