Divisions / Bureaus

  1. Animal Services

    Browse information related to animal licensing and fees.

  2. Investigations

    Learn more about the Police Department Investigation services in your community.

  3. Patrol

    Find resources and contact information for your community Patrol division.

  4. Special Events

    Discover information related to Police Department special events.

  5. Community Outreach

    Police department liaison with our diverse community

  6. Crime Reduction Unit

    The Crime Reduction Unit (CRU) is a proactive policing team focused on specific crimes and areas.

  7. Gang Unit

  8. Community Policing

  9. Traffic

  10. K-9

  11. Weber Morgan Narcotics Strike Force

    The strike force is a multi-jurisdictional team of agents that investigate illegal drug and pharmaceutical crimes.

  12. Training Division

    What you need to do to become a police officer and maintain certification.