Street & Sidewalk Damage

Street Damage

If you are aware of street damage (broken asphalt, potholes or other hazards), please contact our Streets Division at 801-629-8271.  

If the damage is located on a State Road, please contact UDOT Region One offices at 801-620-1600 to report the damage.

Sidewalk Damage

If you are aware of sidewalk damage (lifted panels, breakage, holes, etc.) please alert our Engineering Division by calling our Concrete Engineer at 801-629-8971.

Once we have been notified of the damage, one of our engineering staff will make a field inspection of the site. Damaged sidewalks are repaired throughout the City according to the severity of the damage and budgetary allowances.

Ogden City also offers the 50/50 Concrete Replacement Program, which allows homeowners to expedite the repair process by sharing in the costs of repair.