Safe & Clean

Ogden City provides safe and clean drinking water for residents. Ogden’s water system is continually monitored to ensure State and Federal regulations are met or exceeded and by keeping businesses and citizens in compliance with water usage regulations.
  1. What is Backflow?

    Backflow is dangerous because it can allow drinking water in plumbing systems to become contaminated and unusable.

  2. Certified Backflow Technicians

    The State of Utah requires that backflow devices be tested by a certified backflow technician.

  3. Landscape Irrigation

    Explore various options for backflow preventers and landscape irrigation.

  4. Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker

    Did you know that leaving a garden hose submerged in any type of liquid can be siphoned into your drinking water and cause serious health effects?

  5. Chemical Dispenser

    Find out more about the correct installation and use of chemical dispensers.

  6. Thermal Expansion

    Plumbing codes now require thermal expansion tanks to be installed on facilities utilizing hot water storage.

  7. Water Reports

    Each year the Public Utilities division prepares a Consumer Confidence Report that shares the results of water testing conducted in the area throughout the year.

  8. Water Contamination

    The City has approved ordinances and regulations relating to backflow and cross-connections that minimize the risk of backflow and help ensure our drinking water is not at risk for a backflow incident.

  9. Water Taste & Odor

    Find out the reasons for and responses to water that smells or tastes foul.